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Earth is where humans live. Probably when some one is born in moon or mars, his horoscope may have earth. I already said that sun, moon , lunar nodes Ketu and Rahu besides 5 planets are considered the 9 Grahas in astrology. Do not equate grahas with planets.

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Secondly I already told that it is neither gravity or some invisible rays from these planets affecting our life. No astrologers are making any such pseudo scientific claims.

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All I said was the relative movement of these 9 grahas around earth is accurate in India astrological calculations. That part I can prove. Regarding predictions, in the experience of many it is experienced as true. If you believe it then believe otherwise forget it. I agree that it cannot be scientifically proven. Lastly regarding Uranus and Neptune whether they influence or not? Answer is NO!! None of Vedic astrological texts as far as I know talks about Uranus or Neptune.

Because astrology is based on experience, perception and beliefs. It is as absurd as asking a theist why if God exists there is any anti God?

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We can extend this question on the new planet scientists recently discovered beyond pluto or even moons of gigantic planets. I do not agree to this. Had it been Titan then Gulika must be always in same rashi as shani Relative to earth they should stay together. Vijay, I cannot even follow your explanation. You are supposing that Vedic astrological texts are accurate and unquestionable. You also seem to have a doubt whether God exists! I find this quite irritating with theist and superstitious people.

A logical argument is always followed by counter-arguments that are only gibberish. I am a person who only believe in the existence of God. Arun Murthi may be asking what is the causal relationship between planets and human life. Well answer is I cannot prove it scientifically but it is observed and predicted by some one who know astrology and it is working. Arun Murthi — Thanks for your understanding. Everyone believes in something, or hold some views which may not be scientifically proven. Regarding astrology, my acquaintance and observation shows it is remarkable and working.

If you know astrology yourselves you can also observe it. Not everyone, but most people in the world believe in things that have been scientifically debunked. That was how the world always has been and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Astrology has been scientifically debunked. Case closed.

But you have the right to hold on to unscientific personal beliefs despite the scientific evidence. No, it means their views ARE wrong scientifically and factually speaking, not legally or morally. But you still have a right to hold wrong views… not recommended, but a right, none-the-less, as per our social norms. All of us hold at least some wrong views about some thing or the other. | Astrology | Hindu Astrology

While it may not be wrong to unknowingly hold wrong views, wrong views are wrong views wrongness — as determined by systematic study… aka science. What do you think is more likely? I think you should look up Prof. He is a leading astrophysicist who writes on and did science on Indian astrology. Let me add to what Ravi has so correctly articulated in his response. I would like to draw upon what the philosopher Karl Popper had said of astrology. For Popper, a theory to be scientific or acceptable has to say under what conditions it will go wrong.

Perhaps, it is in this sense that Vijay thinks that astrology works. Let me give a couple of instances on this and one from my own experience. I studied metallurgical engineering but never liked the discipline liking and disliking are matters of personal taste. I also got a job soon after in a steel company.


But I never had an interest in this job as I had some other plans. Since getting a job during those days it was some 35 years back was difficult, my parents consulted an astrologer and he said that all through out my life I will work in a company and will be associated with metals. See the statement.

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It can mean any thing. Later I switched over to a computer company and I settled there. When the astrologer was asked about this, pat came the reply. Now what do you say. This is what Popper meant. By this logic they can never be falsified and never go wrong.


One more example. This is from Vir Sanghvis interview of astrologers.

This was a programme in Doordarshan some 25 years back debunking astrology. He caught hold of one astrologer who had predicted that the government will change in Bihar. But the same party came back to power. When he confronted the astrologer on this it is surprising what the astrologer said. The government that will now be formed is a new government so it has changed.

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But then this is obvious that after election that there is always a new government. We do not need an astrologer for this. In psychology there is an idea called positive reinforcement. Once you are disposed to believe in something you will selectively look for those things that corroborates your belief.

As Ravi says, this may legally and morally be not wrong but it is false belief nevertheless that will dangerously ruin ones life. Well the kind of astrology I am accustomed with , is not like the above two examples given. In Bihar election case, one must understand that only people have horoscope not party or country.

Whether Akhilesh or nitish will win in or or Modi will win in and become PM again can be predicted with carefully observing their horoscope. Something of that sort. Astrology is not scientifically debunked. I am not ok with the test you may refer. You need to test with real astrologers who have proper understanding of it.

Secondly it is for people. Horoscope cannot be used to predict things like what colour bead is hidden inside a pack or something like that. Give me some DOB with exact time of birth not necessarily yours. I will create online horoscopes and predict something with my limited knowledge.

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See for yourselves if I am telling correct or not.